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"Ritual #3:  Vile Decay"

by Malachi Ward

 In a riveting new edition of his series, "Ritual", Malachi Ward brings us the dark allegory, "Vile Decay".  Focusing on the technologically-enhanced reflections of an old woman directed towards her grandson, Ward presents a caveat regarding a possibe-future marked by ecological catastrophe and misuse of power

20 pages, two colors





 "Everything Unseen #4"

by Drew Beckmeyer

The final installment of Drew Beckmeyer's sprawling masterwork, Everything Unseen.  In parts 8 and 9, our reborn hero, Charles Grodin, is returned to the place that begin it all.  This time he must answer to the powers that be, God and ultimately, himself.  

72 pages, B&W







 "Men's Feelings"

by Ted May  

"Men's Feelings" is the first solo comic by Ted May in nearly a decade.  A collection of vignettes and gag strips, it is bound to entertain.  With an assortment of gamblers, entrepreneurs, and even a magician, May gently lampoons the whimsical aspects of the modern cultural landscape.

36 pages, B&W





 "Alamo Value Plus"

By Rusty Jordan

  "Alamo Value Plus" marks the debut of Rusty Jordan, best known as the depraved mind behind the essential "Shitbeams on the Loose" anthology.  In the lead-off issue, laid-back cashiers, Tony and Duane, learn of the sometimes dangerous, always hilarious adventures of elder wage-slave, Baldemar Pretzeldorf. 

28 pages, B&W







"Ritual #2"

 by Malachi Ward

In a futuristic episode titled "The Reverie," Malachi Ward depicts the unsettling nature of having one's wishes truly granted.

28 pages, B&W







"Everything Unseen #3"

by Drew Beckmeyer

Yet another installment of Drew Beckmeyer's philosophical caper, Everything Unseen, featuring straw-hats, sand-castles and ritualized sacrifice.  

52 pages, B&W






"Trigger #1"

by Mike Bertino

 The first issue of Mike Bertino's on going series Trigger.  This issue contains 3 stories ranging from the serious to the hilarious, to the heartbreaking. 

24 pages, B&W







"Everything Unseen #2"

by Drew Beckmeyer

The return of Drew Beckmeyer's epic meditation on human nature. Packed with mobs and Gods of War, violence, and deep thoughts, Drew has continued to break new ground by expanding what can be done within the realm of comics.

60 pages, B&W









"Burger Warz"

by Levon Jihanian and Rusty Jordan

Burger Warz is a role-playing game set in the near future, where players fight against mutant supereaters, mystical ninjas, killer clowns, and teenagers while treating them to great service and fast and delicious food.