Mardou is from Manchester, England and now lives in St Louis, MO. (with her family and calico cat) She has been making mini-comics like ‘Anais in Paris’ and ‘Manhole’ since 2001, and was a founder of the all-girl comic Whores of Mensa. Sky in Stereo Volume One is her first graphic novel. She also has a really funny Mark E. Smith anecdote if you're ever privy to ask her.


Tedious Limbs is a sybaritic malcontent based out of Burnt Reynolds county, generally known as the scorched anus of the United States.  Hawd Tales is his first comic for Revival House Press who receive and handle Mr. Limb's scurrilous dispatches with an attendant HazMat suit and/or riot gear.  In addition to his sequential art creations, Tedious is generally considered to be the preeminent figure in the highly-competitive world of macrame and a rabid paint-baller too.


Ted May is the creator of masterworks like Injury and It Lives. He was an early contributor to Non with his fanciful Neruda strips. As of late, he is the brain behind the critically-acclaimed (and Best American Comics-featured) Men's Feelings, a delightful foray into the male psyche. He also owns one of the largest collections of kung fu comics in St. Louis, MO. Loans are available upon request.


Chris C. Cilla is a cartoonist and screenprinter. His full length book The Heavy Hand was published by Sparkplug Comic Books in 2010. His work has been featured in anthologies such as Kramers Ergot, Barf Water, and Bog Witch. Labyrinthectomy/Luncheonette is a psychedelic flip comic that Revival House Press was lucky enought to publish. In addition, he runs the inimitable Sardine Can Press and produces the greatest prints and t-shirts this side of the Colorado River.


Drew Beckmeyer was born and raised in Los Angeles. He has a degree and a resume and an apartment and recently got health insurance. Beckmeyer exhibits the highest professionalism at all times, and has been the unfortunate victim of theft to a disproportionate percentage according to recent polls. He likes books, but is pretty new to the comic kind of books, so he tries extra hard.


Mike Bertino lives and works in Los Angeles with Erin Althea and their twin daughters, Juniper and Scarlett.  He has authored a handful of comics since the late nineties including Trigger, Pinwheel, and  the original Trigger mini-comics.  In addition, his work has appeared in a bunch of art books and various comics anthologies.  Mike currently works as an illustrator/artist and is a master of sticking his foot in his mouth.


Rusty Jordan currently lives in Milwaulkie, OR with his wife Isabel and daughter, Olive.  He's the editor of the Shitbeams on the Loose anthologies and author of Alamo Value Plus.  He's created a number of zines and minicomics, most notably the Moulger Bag Digest series with his friend, Brent Harada.  Rusty spends his time making signs for a living, drawing posters/records for bands, and drinking a buttload of beer.


Malachi Ward lives in Pasadena with his wife Keiko. He has made some comics like Utu and The Scout, and he's co-made the comic series Expansion with Matt Sheean. He's also contributed to Mome, Nobrow, and the StudyGroup Magazine. When he isn't drawing, Malachi likes to look out the window or watch Star Trek. 


 Dave Nuss, owner and editor of Revival House Press, spent his middle school years in Russia, where the boombox playing his favorite Velvet Underground tape was violently stolen from him by a member of the Russian mafia, wearing an Adidas jumpsuit.  That's a true story.  Dave runs the show out of Brooklyn, NY and spends most of his time listening to records as well as schooling various youngsters in basketball.