CAKE 2017, everybody:

A little teaser of a comic headed your way very soon.  More later.....



CAKE is coming! It's almost here. Any Chicagoans around for the weekend of June 11th, please come by the Center on Halstead for a round-up of the finest in comics.  Sacha and Ted will be hanging at the Revival House Table for the weekend, so drop by and grab a book. Chris Cilla will be there too, holding it down at his own table with the awesome Sardine Can Press. It's gonna be a blast!  Hope to see ya there!


Hawd Tales #2 is here! Everyone's favorite urban adventure is returning, powered once again by the sensational T. Limbs.  (that's Mr. Limbs to you, youngin'!)  Orders are available now! It's everything you loved about the first issue and more.  Take a tour through Burnt Reynolds, USA with your favorite cast of maniacs. Issue Two picks up with the shenigans that befell our hero, Guy Albino and his run-in with the C.H.U.Ds. Then, we're treated to a few detours involving DJ Brownfinger followed by a surprise appearance of a white-rap luminary of the 90's (and an unwarranted tattoo delivered to a key-section of his anatomy)  Scope it out!

Hiya and Happy Holidays! 2015 is rapidly coming to an end, everybody! Hope you grabbed a copy of Sky in Stereo or Men's Feelings#2 (or else one of our other exceptional titles). Next year's gonna be out of hand. Check in with us for 2016!



Friends, please join us at Desert Island in Brooklyn to fete Robyn Chapman and micro-press chronicle, The Tiny Report '14.  The soiree will be kicking off around 7 pm on June 25th.  We'll be there along with So What! press to help inaugrate this book debut.  

Fresh updates!  Revival House Press will be attending the above festival Grand Comics Fest on Saturday, June 6th.  It's a fun show! If you're in the neighborhood (the neighborhood being Williamsburg), I highly recommend stopping in.  The festivities take place from noon until 8 pm.  

  It may seem quiet here at Revival House HQ but there is significant news on the horizon.  We have a very exciting release that I can't disclose just yet but I guarantee will be worth the wait.  (coming this fall)

LA Zine Fest is nearly up on us!  Rusty is making the trek down to represent Revival House at this fine affair.  It's February 15th as the above image states.  If you're in the area, please make an effort to come out.  Malachi will be there as well.  

Can't divulge too much just yet... but we have some big announcements on the horizon.  Things are changing, my friends. Stick with us! 

all the best,



So Hawd Tales #1 and Labyinthectomy/Luncheonette are officially available for purchase!  Grab 'em now in our online store. Otherwise, head out to your local comic book dealer and pick up a copy.  In addition, our fine distributors will have copies as in the upcoming weeks: Birdcage Bottom, Spit and a Half, and Wow Cool. And if you're in the Bay area, swing by the East Bay Zine Fest on Dec. 6th.  Our good friends in Coin-Op are generously repping Revival House at this event as well as selling their own beautiful wares. Finally, if you haven't tried out our other 2014 releases, Ritual#3: Vile Decay and Everything Unseen #4 can be yours as well in our online shop.  Take a look!


Ritual #3:  Vile Decay by Malachi Ward is now available for pre-order!  It's out in stores nationwide on June 25th, thanks to our pals at Alternative Comics.  (they're handling the distribution)  You can pick up a copy from our online store and have it a few days earlier.  (all copies will ship a week before)

Drew Beckmeyer's final installment of Everything Unseen is now available for order!  It's a beautiful conclusion to his sublime masterwork, wherein our beloved hero, Charles Grodin, returns to where it all began, yet as a reborn individual.  His rebirth takes on a spiritual significance, leading Chrarles to a confrontation with the authorities, God and ultimately, himself.



It's that wonderful time of the year....festival season and Revival House is appearing at some amazing events.  First up, we have the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art's annual show, MoCCA where yours truly will be holding it down with the kind(and uber-talented) folks of Coin-Op studios, Peter and Maria.  That one's kicking off Sat, April 5th in New York.

  Next, it's the brand spanking new festival Linework NW in good 'ole Portland, OR.  (our former digs..)  Rusty's tackling this one and I can't wait to hear all about it.  The exhibitor's list is off the proverbial chain.  The Rose City is looking stylish Saturday, April 12th.

  Then it's on to Toronto for the venerable comics event, TCAF.  Once again, we'll be combining forces with our friends at Coin-Op studios for some subtle mayhem in Ontario, Canada.  May 9th and 10th (Saturday and Sunday) are the dates of this particular show.  

  Beyond that, there are new books arriving.  Look for Ritual 3 in stores nationwide this June.  (by way of our good pals at Alternative Comics)  And keep your eyes on the horizon for the final issue of Everything Unseen.  More info to come later..





The above image is from Malachi Ward's forthcoming issue of Ritual (#3) titled "Vile Decay, illustrated in a two-color process.  And those of you looking for another hefty dose of his unique blend of sci-fi and horror will find your needs satiated this June, in stores nationwide.  (more on that development later...)


With just a couple more weeks towards the culmination of 2013, I'm looking back and feeling postive about the year as a whole.  We published two superb books, Men's Feelings and Alamo Value Plus (and if you haven't picked up either title yet, please head over to our online store..) as well as increasing our overall festival presence.  (CAKE, SPX, CAB, the Philly Comix BBQ..we love you all)  The year proved tumultous to a sizeable degree, (i.e. the demise of our beloved Cartoon House..) but it was worthwhile in every way, especially when contemplating the books we produced and the people we spent time with.  However, 2014 promises to be an even more exciting year.  And with that, I'm unveiling our release schedule for the months ahead.  We are gearing up to drop the following five titles.  They are:

-Everything Unseen #4 by Drew Beckmeyer (the final issue of this singular philosophical opus)

-Ritual #3 by Malachi Ward  (in a two-color episode titled "Vile Decay")

-Labyrinthectomy/Luncheonette by Chris Cilla (it's a flip-book as well as the source of the above image!)

-HAWD TALES by Devin Flynn (marking the comic book debut of the longtime animator/illustrator/musician)

-Men's Feelings #2 by Ted May (another installment of everyone's favorite "unfunny" gag strip collection)

I'm very thrilled to be publishing these titles and I will continue to keep you updated.  Thanks for the wonderful year and I look forward to catching up with all of you at some point in the near future. 



Well, CAB was a lot of fun.  And now we're gearing up for the indomitable Seattle comics fest, Short Run.  It's going off Saturday, Nov. 30th in a new venue, Washington Hall.  (from the hours of 11 am 'til 6 pm)  Yours truly won't be there at the Revival House table, but our close pal, Robyn Jordan will be present to sell our books as well as her own amazing comics.  If you're in the NW that weekend, then honor your own finer comic book/zine sensibilities and check it out!


Dave, Lord of the manor

Well, friends, Comics Art Brooklyn is going off in a couple weeks and I would highly recommend, as your publisher, making it out to Williamsburg for this.  We'll be there, laying it down for the masses.  It's November 9th from 11 am until 7 at the Mt. Carmel Church.  Hope to see you there!


Dave, Picto-Plutocrat


 Alamo Value Plus is now available from our online store as well as retailers of higher integrity.  Or if you're in the DC-area, you can buy one at this year's Small Press Expo. (Sat/Sun, September 14th & 15th)  Marc from Alternative Comics is graciously allowing us to sell a few titles at their table.  (E-1 if you're using the directory) As a longtime AC fan, it's definitely an honor.  (not to digress too much, but Ed Brubaker's "At the Seams" was a real paradigm-shifter for me back in the day.  The story "Under a Big Black Sun" particularly resonated with its well-placed Beckett quote and cogent depiction of existential malaise.  Plus, it has that neat X album reference in the title.)  So we'll all be there in full-force!  

Stay-tuned, friends, we're announcing our winter line-up in a few weeks.  And we've got suprises in store.


Dave, cartoon kingpin



So CAKE came and went (it was a blast!) and now "Men's Feelings," the stellar new title from Ted May, is available for order.  A collection of gags and vignettes, it contains the top-notch story-telling we've come to expect from him.  So do yerself a solid and grab a copy!

-Dave, cahmics afficionado





 Revival House Press will be appearing at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival on May 11th and 12th, along with our friends and fellow publishers, Domino Books and Rebus Books.  If you have the means to attend, come on by and look us up.  It's a really great line-up this year, and there are quite a few guests I look forward to seeing.  (cough..cough..Ivan Brunetti...)  Also, our very own Rusty Jordan will be holding down a table for RHP during the Claremont Zine Fest, April 27th.  It's a new show, but it'll definitely be a welcome addition to the Inland Empire.  See ya there!


Dave, local pamphlet-pusher


 Hey gang,

  Just a quick update here.  On Friday, April 5th, Revival House, Hic & Hoc, and Space Face Books will be forming like Voltron for a pre-MoCCA Comics Fest engagement.  You should swing by the Park Slope Ale House, have a couple and if you're inclined, check out our wares.  It goes off at 7 p.m. See ya there!


Dave, cartoon adjudicator 



We couldn't be more elated to announce the release of Ted May's new collection, "Men's Feelings."  As longtime fans of his work (including the superb Injury), it's truly an honor to be involved with this title.  Basically, "Men's Feelings" will comprise a series of vignettes focusing on the amusing aspects of life in all its mundane glory.  Expect it early-Spring!  


Dave, the midsize kahuna



-- A special holiday greeting from the editor of Revival House Press --

Hey folks, 2013 is nearly upon us and I just want to express some gratitude towards everyone who helped turn 2012 into such a neat, vibrant experience for RHP.  If you bought a book, turned up at our table during a show, or just seemed "down" in general, I thank you.  Next year's gonna be even better and I'll have more news 'bout that in a week or so.  For now though, have a good rest of '12 and I'll catch ya on the flip.


Dave, funnybook despot



October 30th-

Get caught up in the Reverie! (the cover, at least) Pausing briefly from our recent, fully-engaged past-time of storm-dodging, Revival House is pleased to announce that both Ritual #2 and Everything Unseen #3 are on track for their Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest debuts.  Both titles will be available on Nov. 10th for those individuals lucky enough to attend the event.  Not only that, but Malachi and Drew are gonna be on hand to dole out copies of their respective books.  Come on by table U7, say hi and grab one of each! (check the floor-plan below for reference) Both titles will be listed in our store immediately after.  It's all happening in everyone's beloved borough, Saturday, (once again) Nov. 10th.

And if you're in the Seattle area, then the Short Run comics festival should be your destination.  Our friends, Jesse Reklaw and Robyn Jordan, are manning the Revival House table for your convenience.  Check 'em out on Saturday, Nov. 3rd.   

See ya soon!


Dave, RHP patriarch


September 16th-

So it's looking like November is going to be a big month for us here at Revival House HQ.  We're announcing not just one book ("Everything Unseen #3") but a new issue of "Ritual" as well.  Here's the promo image for "The Reverie," another sensational installment of Malachi Ward's provocative series.  Both books will be debuting at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, November 10th.  

  And I don't want to reveal too much, but there is talk of a third book to drop at the BGCF.  More on this shortly...


-Dave, the proverbial "el jefe"


August 22nd-

So Revival House East is fully operational... And here's a taste of what's to happen this fall:  Everything Unseen #3 from the indefatigable Drew Beckmeyer.  The continued adventures of our beloved protagonist, Charles Grodin, will be further documented in yet another thrilling edition of Everything Unseen, with parts 6 and 7.  More to come about this regarding the logistics, (when, where, etc...) but just know that it will be in your hands soon enough.

   Also, for those of you who reside in the Bay Area, make sure you visit the San Francisco Zine Fest. (September 1st and 2nd, in the SF County Fair building) Malachi Ward will be holding it down, bravely manning the Revival House Press table.  Swing by for some of our goods, as well as the most recent issue of his and Matt Sheean's sci-fi epic, Expansion(#4).

   That's about if for now, but stay plugged in.  We'll have more key announcements in the following weeks about releases and festival appearances.  Cheers!

-Dave, the head honcho


 July 25th, 2012

Hey gang, just a quick update here.. As of tomorrow, Revival House Press will be opening up shop on the East Coast (specifically Brooklyn, NY). We're extremely excited about the move, due in large part to the opportunity it will afford us as far as show attendance is concerned. Basically, you can expect our presence at twice the amount of events on both coasts. (and elsewhere too...)  That being said, we will be unfurling our event schedule sometime over the next few days.  And we guarantee some exciting news over the next couple months as we announce the titles slated for a Fall release.  

  Lastly, bear in mind that as our stock is tied up in the move, orders may be delayed for a few days up to a week.  At any rate, we've got some good things in store for the rest of 2012.  So stay alert, my friends!  Cheers!

                                  -Dave, publisher quasi-extraordinaire



Ritual #1 is now available for order, with copies shipping ASAP!  Check it out at our online store.